Bitland Nominated For Netexplo 2016 World Innovation Award

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Paris, France – January 26, 2016 – Bitland has been named as one of the 10 most promising global innovations by Netexplo.

Bitland is an educational initiative based in Ghana that looks to help settle land disputes and fight corruption in development deals using blockchain technology.

The team has found twenty-eight communities across Ghana that have agreed to participate in the pilot project that aims to give the community members the ability to survey, register, sell, or purchase land through an application on a mobile device.

The platform that uses decentralized models in an attempt to solve the perennial problem of land title disputes in Africa.

This project is government approved and the participants who take part in it are doing so on a voluntary basis.

The firm aims to move to a decentralized system that has all its users download this application. By downloading it, it will give them more autonomy in verifying the registry.

This is a revolutionary technology that allows the government, organizations and individuals easy access to land title in secure and easy way.

In the current land system in most African countries, there exist backlog of land disputes in the continent. This fuels conflicts within the continent. It is envisaged that if fully adopted, bitland will ease the backlog of such land disputes in the continent.

The firm is a not for profit entity and this further acts to give it credibility and reliability before its users.

It is a land registry and title protocol that will be most effective in places where the land registry and title services are not functioning well.

By using this platform, the relevant communities will be peaceful as it will help solve land disputes in a fast and transparent manner. The communities can also use their properties to secure loans from financial institutions.

The application can also help these communities in other contracts like marriage, birth and death certificates and even wills.

The whole process involves surveying the community’s land, registering and titling it and finally turning it into a tradable instrument.

Bitland has confirmed that the software suite will utilize Factom software to track and record land titles.

Factom uses a special protocol to encrypt large amounts of data and store it directly on the Bitcoin Blockchain, the project aims to combine decentralization of data storage and government compliance as the Land Administration Project of Ghana will be overseeing the development.

You can learn more about the Bitland Project here:

You can vote for Bitland to be the 2016 Netexplo winner here:

Contact Info: Chris Bates

Chief Security Officer, Bitland

[email protected]

(812) 202-6691

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