“THE COMMON SENSE SHOW” Ashanti region of Ghana

It is with great pleasure that we offer all libertarians and bitcoiners across the globe a great opportunity to become a valuable sponsor of “THE COMMON SENSE SHOW”. This show is going to be aired every Saturday evening on Metro fm, a well-liked radio station which engages over 600,000 listeners daily across Ashanti region of Ghana. This program is a radio Talk-Show which will scrutinize and analyse government of Ghana’s inefficiency in managing the economy as well as promoting liberty and bitcoin ideas in Ghana.

Common Sense Foundation has been in the mainstream media and Facebook for not less than three years promoting free market ideas and bitcoin. We are very sure that our experience and track records are enough to prove that we can effectively run this show.

We strongly believe that this show, when sponsored, will have a great impact due to the way it has been carefully designed to capture public attention and also challenge political and institutional leaders to work harder. The show is only one hour so we have strategically divided it into two halves. The first half is thirty minutes and will touch very important topical issues like corruption in public institutions and the weak monetary system that do not often receive maximum attention by the mainstream media. The other half promises to delve deeply into bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The uniqueness of this show is its luminous panellists. We will feature friends here in Ghana who are already promoting bitcoin, libertarians in Ghana as well as expert bitcoin speakers across the world to make this show a “talk-in-town”. The speakers from abroad will speak via skype while those in Ghana will sit in the studio with the host and offer live discussion. Phone lines would be opened to invite listeners to share their views and thoughts in order to make the show more interesting.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for any organization that will support us financially to have some visibility in front of over 600,000 listeners who would benefit and value the donor’s participation in bringing this project to life.

We invite any individual or organization that promotes bitcoin to be a partner with us in this pilot project. While this project promises to create a whole new ‘thinking box’ for listeners, it will also give donors the opportunity to enhance their visibility and brand across the country. Some of the benefits donor organizations may get if they choose to sponsor us either fully or partially are as follows:

With full sponsorship, the organization’s jingles will prominently be played on the show including Live Presenter Mentioning (LPM). That organization’s name will also be mentioned frequently as the show is going on in order to capture listeners’ attention. Lastly, the name and logo of the organization will be displayed regularly as a sponsor of this show on our Facebook page.

Partial sponsorship will attract packages like having your organization’s name and logo displayed on a banner, and playing your jingles in the course of the show.

The total cost of air time for a whole year is 5,100 dollars.Common Sense Foundation has already paid 1,000 dollars to the radio station. We would be very grateful if you support us to reduce the rest of the cost.

Your donation must go into this account: 1Hb4rTMFiEQK9M63rBTQAxPsvCp8DXFopm

For further information about the project, please email Kwaku Adusei anytime on [email protected]

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