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It is with great honor that I will talk about the most controversial, but at the same time, the broader phenomenon that currently pervades the network, and I will do starting from the description of my position, that is “between a rock and a hard place “… and the ax: how nice!

To try to explain better, I just saw my MMM Global account upgraded to “guider”,  after ten days of the course, following which I got the respect and the support of the directors, who count on the attention and careness toward MMM, on my side. Of course, if I had not these emotions I would not had part in this experience, and it is very valuable. But here I bare these shoes and I proceed as the journalist, although I’m not very professional, but still inexperienced. Also I will try not to force with the terminology of the system when it is possible to get the concept more straight and clear otherwise.

On the other hand, I have to ensure that the article still remains interesting also for the opponents of MMM, as with satisfaction they themselves have told me had read the first article on the subject. So, like any journalist worth his salt (or try to earn respect), claiming to be fair, of course! … and even reveal the weaknesses of MMM, so they can continue to talk about it. Wanting to make a confrontation, it would be as if the mass media started to talk about Bitcoin, and should for the bad or the good, it would increase the popularity of Bitcoin and therefore its value, at least that’s the theory.

In treating this study, I would like to take this opportunity to spread a little basics of monetary theory, just let hope that the ax of the banking system is not thrown; not to me directly and not to towards the Bitcoin, and obviously, that would be stopped by MMM, or whoever. Maybe will be the same Bitcoin, who knows? Anyway the biggest weakness of MMM, as Bitcoin, remain the people. As shown so far with their inattention, indifference and disbelief as skepticism, all components that are a direct consequence of the fact that someone still has an interest in keeping us in ignorance about these issues.

This is the first basic notion of ​​monetary theory, the acceptability is the basis for the value of a currency, or econometric symbol. I can see your faces, that term just means nothing but, while on one hand we are giving value to this symbol – Bitcoin, €, $, … and also Mavro – accepting it in exchange for a good or service because we trust someone else will be willing to recognize its value at the time that – at our turn – we need a good or service, on the other hand these two moments the parties are involved in also determine the value that must be attached to it. I.e. they induce a value! And that’s why Professor Emeritus Giacinto Auriti, often called him “the induced value of money,” giving money the exclusivity of being a unit – which in this case is precisely the value of things – which also bring the feature to be the value of the measurement itself. There is an expression in use in Italy, which defines this mechanism, “chain letters” (maybe in other languages you will read pyramid but ​​does not fit so well)! Perhaps for many is hard to accept, but money is a chain letter.

Whereas the purpose of the money is, and acknowledged must be, to allow the redistribution of resources. If at this point let’s say that the only resources that are redistributed consist of more money, we can even hazard – a term that falls brush – this econometric symbol is nothing but a game. As an example, in a lottery our tickets are nothing more than notes or a symbol, that is precisely the serial number, which if it were to be successful, we are confident that we can change it with another symbol that only allows wider use – you can see that the ideas introduced so far are also able to give enlightenment on the inopinable truth that this exchange has the less desirable price you can find in circulation, and finally just because we are more and more less able to give value to a coin by ourselves. Well, actually, this article could be considered closed, having already explained what MMM is.

However, the occasion is tempting to point out some other ideas that need to be clarified, such as the trivial question of, why we should give confidence to Bitcoin instead of Mavro, or the dollar and in the same way to any other fiat currency – in Latin, fiat: “which is done” or becomes. Meanwhile, to have to work with a fiat currency means to create conditions acting straight on this acceptability we are talking about. Although it is universally accepted because we are required by law – but not yet imposed to us to exclude the others since discretion is given to opt in accepting an alternative one – we are however witnessing a steady loss of purchasing power, or value of money. We all know how this measure of value has changed with the euro since its debut, decreasing its value. Same as with US dollar from the debut of the Federal Reserve. Something that has not happened with Bitcoin, which indeed has been awarded for another year with the title of best currency to maintain this purchasing power. Let me forget for a moment about the incredible performance of Mavro in MMM Global, to return to the aspect of obligation that is even more interesting because the issue relates to the attribution of ownership of the coin at the moment of creation.

We wonder, “where does and how far they push this imposition?”  Well, by now giving famously established that fiat currencies are issued by private entities with misleading names that recall to the res-publica, we can understand that the issue of money by debt began when rulers and monarchs faced with having to cede sovereignty on the domestic money for the acceptance of a foreign one, which in turn had greater acceptance and purchasing power. And to analyze the historical circumstances, often the determining factors were almost always wars and conflicts. In fact coincidently one consequence of the “chain letter” is that you can not have two chains simultaneously, or to put it in biblical terms “cannot serve two masters” without let that one takes more value than the other . That’s why the United States must constantly strive to expand and impose the dollar, whose value is now on its last legs. Staying with the officials news, the same is true of the euro, that contrary of the will of the people, it is still borrowed to Greece and by that brazenly rob their resources. This is a direct result of the fact that the rules of the game – in the same terms we were referring to game earlier – determine the rightful owner of the money in the banker, which was able to influence the free will of the ruler, which in turn had to ask for more loans,  also being aware that this time the redistribution would define a flow of resources converging

in the hands of a few people, the so-called global elite. Therefore we can conclude that if our rulers are not corrupted as they inherit a factual situation, they will leave at least easily corrupt.

In the case of Bitcoin instead, Satoshi Nakamoto found that the properties of the currency issued was recognized to those participating in the mining, meanwhile they do not acquired any debt and a more or less with a uniform decentralization of allocation in the Internet even rewarding more the first to have aroused interest in this encryption-based technology, and then following in time the model of gold mining with respect to the amount to be allocated. In essence, a root function and as amazingly it took into account that the number of transactions have been as major as the number of new bitcoin decreases, so that the network could continue to pay the miners while commissions are low. Given the nature of Bitcoin, that the only challenge is to simply continue to exist while blockchain – the Bitcoin’s database of transactions – has consistency, then this choice of the creator seems obvious, in fact the only possible, as long as someone can not imagine another as a consequence of a needed case. And that’s what subsequently did some criptomonedas, seeing that many users keep their bitcoins like a hot potato – whereas we should stay fighting to save a few for us – and having therefore plans to promote their creation through the issue of new money for those who simply kept some of it in your wallet, paying the classic interest.

If we look at MMM now, will be clear how can be paid such high interest rates, having staked everything on the marketing of which such interest are also part. Acceptability is promoted by advertising and purchasing power rises accordingly. But since the value of a mavro is fixed at one to one correspondence with the US dollar, the system constantly needs to assign new Mavro, or aid in dollars. Meaning that is attracting resources and distributes them, since all transfers are conducted exclusively between the participants through Bitcoin. The restriction on the use of Mavro to the purchase and sale, also prevents any other activity can take advantage of user acceptability through the mechanism of fractional reserve, which may be the exchanges, the electronic payment systems and banks …! There can be no banks for Mavro, but MMM is presented as an alternative to the traditional financial system, with the aim of providing the resources necessary to free people from economic necessity. And though it may seem utopian, it is constantly doing this, assuming that the MMM participant is at first asked to agree in the use of just spare money, creating a play of solidarity. Admittedly overcoming obstacles and difficulties, attempt after attempt, illusions and disillusions, with 20 years of continuous restructuring and refinement of the original MMM, to finally conceive MMM Global that found in social networks and in Bitcoin ideal partners to impose themselves and mark the border with the world of old-fashioned banks.

spare money

Returning to the promotion in MMM, we see that the strategy is like the classic donkey with a carrot and this is the point that my thoughts may be nearest the point of view that opponents of MMM have, which instead of feeling the creator of MMM as a genius, think that his success is due to imprudence, to say the least, of the participants. Unfortunately, from this point of view I suggest you evaluate your position in relation to the figure of the donkey, and do worry because even stimulated with the carrot do not activate. By this I do not dare to raise Sergey Mavrodi and staff of MMM to divine levels, and almost certainly is a right decision, but I’m say that in terms of advertising necessary to achieve the desired goal – freedom from financial bondage – MMM has already earned a nice boost, and which is currently the only winning horse we have in the fight between currencies. And it is thanks to this impulse as the purchasing power of mavros in MMM Global double each month and we see it on the issue of new mavros through the accruing interests of the participants who have contributed to extend the network, and so to increase its acceptance, and in turn hitting the target. Despite the rules requiring exponential growth remain valid, the mavro is increasingly accepted, because it exploits the idea that, in fact, the US dollar is pure waste paper, and pursuing exploitation as we have described in the above article, and for that the notice that reigns high in the  participant’s Control Panel (Personal Office), more than anything else becomes a constant invitation to reflection and to consider that you could be deprived of this money in any moment and give of it as much you can! The $ 10,000 limit each participant may have deposited to earn interests, shortly can not really be all that money and we also know that in Russia, MMM was becoming a threat to the Ruble, while government agencies were forced to stop the same Sergey Mavrodi.

However, I think that education is needed to not be greedy within the network of the participants, especially through the rebuttal and isolation from the wasteful and even contradictory  practice of accumulation of what MMM distributed in their bank accounts. It can be possible to act intelligently without falling into the contradiction that undermines the entire ideology and work. Among the many bitcoiner, for example, they can be counted on the fingers those who keep their savings outside an exchange. But here, if you do not have to be in Mavro, which is at least in Bitcoin. The important thing is to show the courage!
Hoping to confront the reality of things … and isn’t so beautiful!

Cosimo Guglielmucci: Cosimo is with Newsbtc Italy and the author of this artcle

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