ABC network brings you Bitland: An organization providing educational programs and services to facilitate and promote land title registration, private property ownership etc.

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The Bitland Non-Profit Project is organized for educational and charitable purposes, providing educational programs and services to facilitate and promote land title registration, private property ownership, and general prosperity through markets and strong property rights. The organization has been building the team over the past year under my leadership and while the current team is making connections locally in Ghana, the company looks to have their services available globally within five years. With a combination of remote workers and key partnerships. Bitland is looking to assist developing countries in solving land disputes in areas that are currently beyond their reach with a network of Ambassadors who are cordial self-starters who bring people together through meetups and organizations designed to discuss, challenge existing structures and solving political and economic problems.

Since Bitland began operations in November 2014, we have by far educated 28 communities in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo region with the help of land administrators and campus coordinators about the importance of securing land titles using the blockchain technology and now we are going nationwide. The organization is soon starting a road-show in all the ten regions of Ghana to educate people about Bitland title documentation and the blockchain technology.

We will also be taking field exercises recording lands in our database digitally time stamped on the blockchain and encrypted with pretty good passwords. These land records will include the gps coordinates to the land marks of each property that can be seen by anyone online. This road show is designed and organized by Bitland to meet the necessary funding to expand our operations by establishing a purpose-built service center that will further assist our capacity to develop the skills, educate, counsel and provide land title solutions to the people in Ghana that will help us grow by incorporation. Support us so together we can help build infrastructure in developing countries to potentially unlock billions of dollars in untapped property rights.

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Narigamba Mwinsuubo Founder and CEO, Bitland

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