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The newsbtc Africa team unveiled its new structure in its General meeting on 28th August 2015. The African team, which initially operated on a West, East and South African basis has now unified as one family of bitcoin enthusiasts. A franchise agreement was signed taking all regions as one team. The Executive Director, Sam Yohannes is confident that this move will go a long way in fulfilling the Organization’s vision of being the premier bitcoin site in the continent and beyond.

“We are optimistic that the reorganization will enhance the team’s delivery towards the ultimate goal. Working under one roof will ensure that different ideas are put up together in order to better the operations of the Organization. This is true especially now that the decision-making process has been made transparent and open to all members of the team,” The Executive director said.

The new team includes:

Sam Yohannes- Executive Director

Dennis Wafula- Operations Manager

Alakanani Itireleng- Head of Media and marketing

Philip Agyei Asare – Head of Marketing, West Africa

Simbarashe Machiridza– Head of Marketing, South Africa

Cynthia Walubengo- Head of Marketing, East Africa

Chernoh Sow- Head of Marketing, Sierra Leone

Katerina Atuhaire- Head of Marketing, Uganda

Marcia Osundwa- Writer, Kenya

Brenda Nanyama- Writer, Tanzania

Simon Tesfaye- Writer, Ethiopia

The Executive Director will be responsible for the day to day operations of the Organization. He will be in charge of designing, developing and expediting strategic plans for the organization in a manner which will ensure the smooth operation of the organization as regards time and costs. The operations manager will oversee all the activities of the organization and ensure the effective production of services. He will also be in charge of formulating policies for the team. The sales and marketing campaigns for the organization will be conducted by all the Marketing heads. They will promote the organization through social media with the optimum aim of bringing on board other clients who would help in marketing the Organization. The web developer will be in charge of designing, coding and modifying the Organization’s website. All the writers will come up with articles that will be published on the site. Every member is expected to report to the Executive Director and Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager, Dennis Wafula expressed his confidence on the team as he encouraged everyone to market the Organization in their personal social media pages.

With the new structure, the implementation and coordination of strategic plans will be facilitated through an environment that will enable all the team members to interact with no disruptions, overlaps and conflicts. Cases of uncertainty and confusion as witnessed before will now be a problem of the past. The team will focus on specific issues that affect the Organization. This will definitely speed up sporadic progress in the Organization through improved performance and productivity by all members. We are committed to taking Bitcoin in Africa to greater heights. This is just but the beginning of Success in the Organization .It is with no doubt that a bright future awaits us.

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