Day: November 13, 2015


The Poor Culture of Savings in Africa: Will Bitcoin Adoption encourage savings? No Comments

One financial practice that serves us well as we grow old is the habit of savings. It is imperative that one saves a little of whatever amount he or she makes from any economic venture that he or she is involved in. Savings is a good practice since one can never foretell what might happen in the future. Accidents happen which can lead to long periods of hospitalization and possibly paralysis, ...

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Streamlining Africa’s Growing Online Retail Presence- A Bitcoin Approach No Comments

The number of people who shop online for various goods and services continue to grow every day. Online shopping is set to disrupt traditional retail in a massive way and poses as a high revenue generator for retailers. This is because the advantages that go with shopping for products on the Internet via a smartphone or laptop are innumerable. For one, customers can sit in the comfort of their ...