Day: October 8, 2015


Why one of the best bitcoin startups is running into trouble and what Kenyan bitcoin startups can learn from it No Comments

BitPay, One of the best funded bitcoin startups based in Atlanta is running into trouble as it has scaled down its operation a big deal. According to the latest updates which have been gathered by coin desk, the company has cut down on about twenty positions and this coincidentally happened a day after the offer for free and unlimited for new merchants ended. People even rumored maybe it experi...


Bitcoin’s Quest to Remove Unnecessary FOREX Controls No Comments

One of West Africa's biggest trading partners is China, a country known for its notoriously cheap and substandard products. Not only do they supply a bulk of the region's import needs, but they have ventured into providing services such as mining and construction for the people of West Africa. According to Ghana’s ministry of trade, China supplied 18.3 per cent of Ghana’s imports worth over $2...